Overall governance for the Apperta Foundation is provided by our Board of Directors; we also have sub-committees who govern the development of particular services or products. As with our board, each sub-committee is clinically led to ensure work is always for the greatest benefit to patients and professionals.

Open ePMA

OPENeP brings a new level of usability and functionality for both ePrescribing and medicines administration and provides the foundation for a new generation of digital tools to support medicines management.

You can contact the Open ePMA sub-committee by email at info@apperta.org

Chair: Keith Farrar

Keith has a background in hospital pharmacy, having been a Chief Pharmacist for many years; and in the development and deployment of technology to support medicines management. He is presently working with NHS England in a number of areas including Open eP and work on the Falsified Medicines Directive. He is also a Director of Intelligent Care Solutions Ltd.


LiveObs is the supported Enterprise edition of Open-eObs. It ensures full and consistent implementation of NHS and Trust policies. LiveObs also facilitates a prompt response to clinical change while flagging and automatically escalating deteriorating patients requiring clinical intervention

Chair: Dr Adrian Burke

Dr Adrian Burke is a consultant psychirastrist within Cheshire & Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. He has been a CCIO with the trust for two years having had a role as Clinical Informatics Lead for two years prior to that. He is a member of the CCIO network and of the Royal College of Psychiatrists Informatics Committee. He is interested in how evidence based practice informs the way in which we deliver best care to our patients. Having responsive systems that can reduce error and speed up the delivery of healthcare is what is strived for.

OpenEyes Foundation

OpenEyes™ an electronic medical record for eye care OpenEyes™ is an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) application for ophthalmology, which enables clinicians to access information they need about their patients in one place

You can find out more about the OpenEyes Foundation sub-committee here.