Defining an Open Digital Platform

There has been growing global interest in the concept of an Open Digital Platform for health and care based on open standards.

In October 2017 Apperta published “Defining an Open Platform” to make the case for open platforms and lay out a blueprint for an open platform architecture at a level of detail that would allow any willing party to build a first generation implementation of an open platform that would be interoperable with any other. Our proposal is based on HL7 FHIR, SNOMED-CT, IHE-XDS and openEHR and draws on pioneering work globally and in the UK that have proven how these standards can be used to build an open platform.

Since in publication we have seen increasing interest in open platform approaches with open platform technology being implemented by a number of NHS Trusts, Genomics England and The City of Leeds for its PHR.  

This is a fast moving field and we are now working on a revision and welcome your comments and feedback on this document which you can send via the Community Innovation Portal here